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For general enquiries
or to arrange your free consultation please contact Carola or Lynn at Peak Expression on:

07599 130378 or email us

Payment Method
By cheque or cash only


What we do

We are a local, highly trained team of nurses operating within the remit of injectable cosmetics.

Peak expression offer you expert advice on facial lines and skin care for a healthier more relaxed and youthful looking you.

We create your individual treatment plan to enhance your appearance using Botox™ and Dermal Fillers to treat:

• Glabellar lines-frown lines that run between the eyebrows
• Forehead lines-“worry lines”that run across the forehead
• Periorbital lines-“crows feet” at the corner of the eyes
• Perioral lines-“smokers lines” or vertical lines on the mouth
• Oral commissures-marionette lines at the corner of the mouth
• Nasolabial furrows-deep smile lines that run from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth
• Tired and dull complexions

The comfort and convenience of our cosmetic treatments have made them a popular option for men as well. They require little down time, so it is possible to have the procedure done during a lunch hour and head straight back to the office.

Our consultations are available either at selected beauty salons or within the comfort of your own home.